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15 Common Mistakes When Betting The MLB And How You Can Fix Them

By Staff Writer

Becoming successful in Major League Baseball (MLB) wagering doesn’t transpire overnight. It requires skill, strategy, and an acute understanding of the sport. However, even the most experienced participants can fall into common traps that hinder their performance. If you’re eager to master the art of baseball wagering, it’s essential to identify and avoid these pitfalls. Let’s explore 15 of the most frequent missteps and how you can rectify them to enhance your wagering success.

1. Overreliance on Favorites

While placing stakes on the favorite may seem logical, it can lead to disappointment. This is primarily due to the unpredictability of sports events, and the high stakes involved.

To rectify this, don’t rely solely on odds. Instead, assess each game individually. Look at variables such as player performance, recent team form, and head-to-head statistics. This approach helps to make more informed decisions.

2. Ignoring Starting Pitchers

The starting pitcher’s performance can greatly influence the outcome of a game. Yet, many individuals overlook this factor when staking their claim. To avoid this blunder, study the stats of the starting pitchers, like their recent form, strikeout-to-walk ratios, and past performance against the opposing team.

3. Neglecting the Bullpen

Equally as crucial as the starting pitchers is the bullpen. Late-game situations often hinge on the strength of a team’s relief pitchers, yet they frequently go unnoticed.

Correct this by keeping tabs on the bullpen’s recent performances. Look for trends, like a bullpen’s ability to hold leads or its susceptibility to blow saves, to make better-informed predictions.

4. Disregarding Home-field Advantage

A team playing on their home turf generally performs better due to familiarity with the surroundings and fan support. So to capitalize on this, always factor in the venue. Home teams tend to be more comfortable, which can tip the balance of a close game in their favor.

5. Overlooking Weather Conditions

Unlike indoor sports, weather plays a significant role in outdoor baseball games. Yet, many disregard it, leading to incorrect predictions.

To fix this, always check the forecast before making a decision. For example, heavy winds or rain can drastically affect the game’s dynamics.

6. Betting Based on a Single Stat

Baseball is a complex game with numerous variables at play.

To avoid betting on a single stat, consider a range of stats and factors before making a decision. The more information you analyze, the better your chances of predicting correctly.

7. Neglecting Run Line Bets

Many overlook run line bets, even though they provide an opportunity to maximize returns. Avoid this by including run line bets in your wagering strategy. These can offer more attractive returns than moneyline bets, especially when you have a strong favorite.

8. Not Shopping Around for Odds

Sticking with one bookmaker can limit your profits, as odds vary significantly across different platforms. This includes live MLB odds, which are continuously updated and can present excellent opportunities.

Therefore, explore various bookmakers and compare their odds before placing a bet. This includes checking the live MLB odds during the game, which can change based on the game’s progression.

9. Betting on Every Game

While it may seem like more games equate to more winning chances, it often leads to less focused decisions.

Avoid this pitfall by being selective. Concentrate on the games you are most confident about to maximize your chances of success.

10. Failing to Manage Bankroll

Without effective bankroll management, you risk losing your money quickly.

To rectify this, set a budget for each wagering session and stick to it. Avoid making the common error of increasing your stakes to recoup losses quickly. This approach can lead to disastrous results. Also, consider controlling risks and extending your betting longevity using a staking plan, which determines the amount to wager based on the perceived value of a bet.

11. Ignoring Team Schedules

Teams playing numerous games in a short span can be fatigued, impacting their performance. This is a detail frequently overlooked by wagering enthusiasts.

To avoid losses, always check the team schedules. Assess the travel distances, recovery periods, and frequency of games. This way, you can get valuable insights about a team’s physical and mental readiness for a game.

12. Overreacting to Recent Trends

It’s a mistake to overemphasize recent trends. For instance, a losing streak doesn’t necessarily mean the team will lose the next game and a winning run doesn’t guarantee continued success. So consider making predictions based solely on a team’s overall performance, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they match up against their upcoming opponents.

13. Dismissing Team Motivation

Dismissing a team’s motivation is a huge mistake when wagering on a match. This is because teams battling for playoff spots or to avoid relegation can often outperform their current form. Similarly, teams with nothing to gain or lose in a match may not perform at their peak. So always consider factors like rivalries and revenge games, as teams often raise their performance in these high-stake situations.

14. Neglecting Injuries

Most sports bettors tend to ignore player injuries when analyzing team performance. To correct this, always monitor the injury updates. Understand the role and contribution of the injured players. For instance, an injury to a star pitcher or a leading hitter can considerably affect the team’s game plan.

So, consider each player’s contributions, the injury’s severity, and the potential replacement’s ability.

15. Making Emotional Decisions

Making decisions based on emotions rather than logic can lead to poor results. Despite this, many fall into this trap.

Combat this by staying objective. Base your decisions on facts and analysis, rather than emotions.


Mastering the art of MLB wagering involves understanding the sport’s complexities and developing a sound strategy. By recognizing and rectifying these 15 common mistakes, you can improve your odds of success. Remember, informed and measured decisions invariably lead to better outcomes. So it’s not merely about luck; it’s about leveraging knowledge, stats, and thoughtful strategy to gain an edge.

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