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5 Beginners Tips for Fantasy Cricket

By Staff Writer

Fantasy cricket has become extremely popular in this modern world. Players, especially from India, have claimed to enjoy playing fantasy cricket. It’s extremely entertaining, and you can stay engaged for a long time.

You can easily find many reliable and trusted fantasy cricket websites and apps that offer some of the best cricket options and have countless payment methods. These apps and websites are easy to navigate, and you will experience any issues.

If you’re playing fantasy cricket for the first time and don’t know where or how to begin, the following tips that help you get started:

Pick the Correct Platform

Just like there are so many online casino sites, you will also come across countless websites and even applications for fantasy cricket. But that doesn’t mean all of them are the same.

Some of them carry a reputation for their fantasy sports options and licensing, and some of them are known for providing excellent rewards and bonuses to the players.

But it’s advised that you don’t randomly choose a fantasy cricket platform. Many of the platforms are unregistered and might offer you a poor experience. You might also get scammed when you invest money on a fantasy cricket platform without knowing whether it’s authentic or trusted.

That’s why you should choose a platform after conducting a good amount of research using trusted sites like Take a look at what it has in-store, how well it performs, the type of rewards or bonuses they provide, and whether or not they have a highly responsive customer care team.

At present, some of the best platforms available for fantasy cricket are:

  • Dream11
  • 11Wickets
  • Howzat
  • FanMojo
  • bet365

Having a Good Understanding of the Player’s Performance

This part is vital when it comes to fantasy cricket. You have to remember the overall performance of the player. Check their track record or the recognition that they get to experience as advocates of the sport.

You need to check the player’s previous performance in their matches. Take a look at how they have managed to play against medium-pace, fast spinners, and medium-fast bowlers.

After that, you have to make your evaluation to determine whether or not the player will be able to perform as they did in the previous matches. Besides that, you can also accept players based on how often they have played for their team and take a look at their present shape.

Take a Look at the Weather Conditions

Changes in the weather can certainly affect a cricket match greatly. It’s because the overs get shortened, or the entire match gets called off. This type of situation has already taken place during the IPL and CPL.

So, as a fantasy cricket app user, you should always keep yourself well updated about the climatic conditions right before the match begins. You will find information on the weather in the app or website you use.

If you’re using an app, make sure to enable the notification setting so that you can get notified if there are any changes made due to the weather conditions.

Create Several Teams for a Single Match

Another important thing that you need to do while playing fantasy cricket is to make several teams for a match. You can participate in content as many times as you want. All the teams that you make should not be the same.

Make sure to choose different players, and make different vice-captains and captains. For instance, if you have taken “Trent Boult” as the fast bowler for the 1st team, you should go for Sam Curran for the 2nd team and Jasprit Bumrah for the 3rd one.

Another great thing about having multiple teams is that when you lose a match with one team, you can still win a match with the other team. This is an effective way through which you do not experience any loss.

Update the Team After Losing a Match

You should update your winning strategy when you have experienced a loss. You need to choose players who are playing. Then you can make some changes in the strategy according to the team that is batting first.

Final Thoughts

Fantasy cricket is an outstanding way to invest and earn funds. It’s similar to gambling but extremely entertaining because you get to choose the players, make captains and vice captains, and then start playing. The tips provided in this post will surely help you learn how to play properly to make more profits than losses.

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