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Age Restrictions and Betting: Protecting Minors from Gambling 1Win

By Staff Writer

1Win is serious about preventing the use of gambling and betting services by minors, who are more vulnerable to gambling addiction and cannot be held responsible for their actions in real money games. In most countries, gambling is prohibited for people under a certain age and the most common minimum age to participate in gambling is 18 years of age. 1Win uses all available methods to maintain the highest level of security and prevent minors from participating in sports betting or casino games.

Underage Gambling: Why is it important to prevent it?

Preventing minors from participating in real money betting on sports or casino games is extremely important for 1 win for several reasons.

Firstly, gambling can be addictive and have a number of negative consequences in a player’s life, and minors are particularly susceptible to this impact.

Secondly, 1win may face a number of legal consequences if gambling involving minors takes place on the 1win website or mobile app.

These are not all the reasons, but they are key reasons for 1Win Official Website, as well as for other bookmakers.

Online Age Verification: How it protect minors at 1Win India

Before players are allowed to use the services provided by 1win India, each new user is required to undergo an age verification process. This is a standard procedure that aims to prevent underage gambling. Usually, users are required to confirm that they are of legal age while registering with 1Win Website. Although this step does not prevent minors from using 1win betting site to the fullest extent, as the verification of documents is done at the verification stage rather than at the registration stage, it is nevertheless one of the tools that 1win uses to protect users.

KYC Procedures at 1Win

KYC procedures play the most key role in preventing underage gambling. This is the process of verifying the user’s identity after registration. Without going through this procedure, 1win bet users will not be able to withdraw their winnings and enjoy some of the benefits provided.

KYC provides high quality verification of the user’s age and identity by checking official documents for authenticity such as passport, ID card, driver’s license, or others. In cases where the 1win team has any doubts, they can resort to the live video feature to ensure that the players are who they claim they are.


Is it possible to start betting without KYC procedure?

Yes, however you won’t be able to withdraw winnings, as well as take part in different programs.

Is 1Win legal in India?

Yes, 1win legal in India and operates under the Curacao license.

Can I use someone else’s data for creating an account?

No, as it is illegal and you won’t be able to pass through the KYC procedure. Also, the information provided during 1win registration must be accurate and belong to you.

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