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Crickex Mobile App Download for Android (APK)

By Staff Writer

Crickex is a major betting platform from South Asia that can be accessed both through PC and a mobile device. In fact, many consider their mobile version to be superior, as it’s more sublime, sophisticated and attractive. The mobile versions of these places are also more comfortable to use, in general.

So, if you plan on using Crickex in the future, consider downloading their mobile version onto your phone. You could just use the browser version, which copies the appearance and structure of the app, but it’s clunky and uses up more a lot more memory because of the browser also being active.

However, the app might be the single most comfortable way to bet on Crickex. You’re absolutely advised to download Crickex app if you want to use their betting features – not that their PC version is bad, but the mobile is much better.

How to Download Crickex.apk on Android

In the form of an app, Crickex is strictly available on Android. There are right now no versions for the Apple’s or any other OS, besides just Android. You also can’t download it from the dedicated source at Google Play. The thing can only be received from their official website.

In short, the best way to get this file is this:

  • Go to the official website of Crickex on your mobile device;
  • Find the icon of a phone with an arrow on it at the top of the screen, this will transport you to the dedicated page;
  • Click on the ‘download for Android’ link

A Crickex app download will launch shortly after that. You won’t be installing it right away. Instead, you’ll get a file in the apk format. This format is shared by all installation files on Android. If you were to download an app from Google Play, a file of this format would be downloaded and immediately installed.

Since you aren’t downloading it from Google Play, you’ll have to install it yourself. But first, make sure that you’ve downloaded the file and that you’ve downloaded it right. You’ll need to locate it in your files and make sure that it’s operable. If it’s not, go to your settings and tinker with the downloading options before another attempt.

Your antivirus can also be the reason why the file hasn’t been downloaded properly. But that’s only because you’re downloading the app from a largely unknown source.

Crickex.apk Installation

All .apk files need to be manually installed if downloaded from the Internet. The action isn’t that hard, but there can be obstacles if your settings aren’t right or if your antivirus decides that installing this app isn’t in your best interests. If you trust Crickex, you can deactivate it for a spell before starting the installation.

The installation itself only takes a few steps:

  • Locate the file in the downloads folder of your device;
  • Tap the file;
  • Click away all the pop-up windows if they appear;
  • Wait a few moments

After that, the app will be installed and you’ll be able to open it at any moment. If you can’t open it, there might be some problem with the compatibility of said app in regards to your hardware. If that’s the case, you can’t do anything until they roll out a compatibility patch for your phone. And to know if that’s coming, you need to contact their support.

How to Make Sports Bets

To make a bet with on mobile, you’ll need to download Crickex bet, open it and log into your account. If you don’t have an account, you need to create it. The wise move would be to create it on PC, as the PC version is way more comfortable for such actions. The accounts are valid across the systems.

After you’ve done so, you’ll also need to verify your account by providing several pieces of personal information. Besides that, you’ll obviously need to make your first deposit. You can do that without verifying, although you won’t be able to withdraw any money until the account is approved by the administration.

The verification process requires this:

PAPERS ID card, passport, driving license, utility bills
OTHER Photo, full name and email address


After providing this, you’ll be absolutely free to make bets and withdraw money.

The act of actually making a bet is simple. In fact, it’s much simpler compared to the PC version. The design and structure of the mobile app are a lot more comprehensive, sublime and attractive. Because of it, finding the correct match is much simpler. For that, you’ll need to go to the ‘sportsbook’ and choose ‘cricket’ out of the three main options.

Following this, you’ll be shown a list of cricket matches – both live and upcoming. To place a bet, you’ll want to click on the match and select your wagers. Here, people bet on how many effective lays and backs there will be in a match. Besides this, there are also ‘fancy bets’, which deal with nuances of the game.

The live bets have much steeper odds, which change according to what has happened in the game lately.

First Deposit Bonus

Shockingly, Crickex doesn’t offer a first deposit bonus or any welcome bonuses to new user. However, you can claim a referral bonus by inviting your friend over to Crickex with your referring bonus. If they deposit 2000 INR and wage a total of 6000 INR in 15 days, you both will be awarded 500 INR to use however you see fit.

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