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Rahul Dravid reveals how MS Dhoni has become one of the best finishers

By Midhun M Menon

Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni are two of the biggest names in Indian cricket. Both of them have highly contrasting techniques. While Dravid focused on his defensive technique, MS Dhoni used his aggressive approach to become successful. On his interaction with Sanjay Manjrekar, Rahul Dravid revealed how Dhoni managed to become one of the most successful finishers of the game.

MS Dhoni’s cool approach

MS Dhoni is widely considered as an aggressive batsman. But his shot selection and approach to the game are quite different from the rest of the aggressive batsmen of the modern era. He is so calm and composed even while chasing a huge target. He usually takes the game deep and trusts himself to finish the job. Even though this attribute of him has led to a few criticisms, it has been highly advantageous for him and the team in the long run.

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Results don’t matter to MS Dhoni says Dravid

Rahul Dravid in his conversation with Sanjay Manjrekhar mentioned that Dhoni has a rare technique and has trained his mind to be able to perform and replicate those whenever needed. He added that it is very difficult to play the role of a finisher and went onto praise Dhoni for the incredible work that he has been doing for over the years.

“You always got the feeling that he is doing something really important. But he is playing like results do not really matter to him. Not an easy situation to get in. You need to have that or you need to train it. I potentially didn’t have that. The consequences mattered to me deeply” said Dravid.

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Dravid wants to know how MS Dhoni acquired those skills

Dravid was curious in knowing how India’s world cup winning captain MS Dhoni acquired these tremendous abilities. He wanted to know if those came naturally to him or he has worked on it.

“It will be really interesting to ask whether something like this comes naturally to him or something that he has potentially worked on. That’s what great finishers do. They are able to get themselves in that frame of mind,” Rahul Dravid said while speaking on ESPNCricinfo.

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