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| On Updated : Apr 20, 2020 4:51 PM IST

Dwayne Bravo Names ‘Hot-Tempered’ CSK Player

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has always been one of the teams to beat in the Indian Premier League (IPL) ever since the start of the tournament in 2008. The CSK unit has seen some fine players over the course of time who have played a major role in their side’s success.

Among those, Dwayne Bravo is a key figure with both bat and ball, and has won Chennai quite a few games through his ability. Recently in an interview the West Indies all-rounder opened up about his time in CSK franchise and a special rapport with Ambati Rayudu in particular. Both Bravo and Rayudu were members of the Mumbai Indians before getting reunited at Chennai.

Bravo talks about talented Rayudu

Ambati Rayudu is one of my favourite players. I played with him at Mumbai Indians. We didn’t play much together there. I know he is a player that, to me, is very very unfair to his talent. He is one of India’s best batsmen, Dwayne Bravo said in an Instagram live stream.

The two time T20 World Cup winner also spoke about Ambari Rayudu’s ‘hot temper.’ Bravo mentioned that he often takes the micky out of Rayudu just to see him get a little agitated.

‘Hot tempered,’ Ambati Rayudu

He is also a very hot-tempered guy. I like to say ‘you’re not good, you’re rubbish. I don’t know why CSK bought you. These things get to his head.

Nevertheless, Dwayne Bravo is good mates with the Ambati Rayudu and wants him to succeed and win as many matches for the team.

He will always go out there to prove me wrong. I always feel happy for his success. He is a special person. You have to really know him to love him. If you don’t know him, then you may get wrong ideas. He is a true team man. Very passionate about his cricket.

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