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FIFA 2022 World Cup – Winner Odds

By Staff Writer

Football competitions bring together fans from all over the world, all united to enjoy the fantastic performances of their favorite teams and players. There are numerous football competitions taking place every season, but only a few are so popular that they reach more than football fans alone.

Competitions and tournaments can involve football clubs, especially European ones, but also national teams. When it comes to national teams, the most important title is definitely the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup – a competition for worldwide fans

This year, the FIFA World Cup will begin in the winter, starting in November, and will take place in Qatar. The first groups have already been announced, so it is not surprising that bookmarkers and fans have already started calculating the winning odds for the most popular teams.

But for the committed fans, not only watching teams and players perform or getting the thrill of enjoying a game in the front rows is part of the passion, but also getting to place your bets on the groups you believe will win.

That’s why we have for you some info on the winning odds for the upcoming FIFA World Cup and some valuable tips on how to bet safely:

Who will win the World Cup title this year?

Many bookmakers and sports betting agencies have started to work on calculating the odds for every team that will participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. If you are curious to see how the odds look for most teams, here is what the preliminary results of the bookmakers’ calculations look like:


Brazil is this year’s favorite team regarding the World Cup chances. It has an 18% chance, and it is not quite a surprise, with some of the best football players taking part in the team. Neymar, Casemiro, Marquinhos, and Martinelli, to name a few, will compete starting this November to bring the big trophy to their home country.


France’s team is the current title winner, with the national team obtaining the title in 2018. According to bookmakers’ tops, France currently has a 14% chance of winning the competition and comes in second place, right after Brazil. Here’s what Benjamin Pavard, one of the team’s top players, says about his quad retaining the title for the next four years:

‘We know it won’t be easy because we’re the team everyone wants to beat. As the reigning champions, everyone will be gunning for us. We just have to focus on what we do and not the opposition. So no asking questions – just play our football, give it all we’ve got and try to win the World Cup. When you’re at the world finals, you’re there to win. Otherwise, what’s the point? You might as well stay at home.’


England comes right behind France, with a 13% chance of scoring a win. Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Jude Bellingham are only some of the team’s players, and all of them are already established football stars.


Argentina also has a 13% chance of taking home the World Cup. The most famous player in the Argentinian squad is definitely Lionel Messi, but he is not the only amazing footballer on the team. Paula Dybala, Angel di Maria, and Angel Correa are also a part of Argentine’s team.


Spain’s team has an 11% chance of winning, while Germany scores 9%. Right after Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal have both an 8% chance to bring home the title. The last one in the ranking is Belgium, with only a 7% chance.

Where can you bet safely?

There are numerous ways to bet on your favorite teams or players, yet choosing an online casino is the easiest. The newest online casinos allow you to bet effortlessly from any device, including tablets, smartphones, or PCs. Moreover, online casinos have a wide range of gambling products to choose from, so you can enjoy placing bets and playing games like poker, roulette, or slots while waiting for the results.

To bet safely, make sure you choose suitable operators by checking if they are licensed and authorized by the governing authorities. You can check their websites and use search engines to see if they comply with all the local and national regulations. When you become the client of a legit online gambling company, the risk of data breaches or fraud attempts becomes really low.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is a competition that every football lover can’t wait to enjoy. The world’s greatest players and the most impressive teams will compete against each other to decide who are the best national squads in the world. If you’re curious about the winning chances, use the info above to get an idea about what the bookmakers’ calculations look like, and remember always to bet responsibly.

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