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Five Netflix Documentaries that will change your Life and Mindset

By Staff Writer

Unlike dramas, documentaries can bring considerable changes in your perspectives. You start changing the way you think without even noticing. A documentary brings forth new areas of life and ideas that you have never imagined before. Are you interested in documentaries? If you are not, you will get addicted to them, just like your highest payout online casino.

Even though claiming a side of the couch for the whole day, watching Netflix sounds very time-wasting. But Hey, watching dramas or series might not be productive, but watching informative content and documentaries is an entirely different case.

Here are some inspiring masterpieces that bring the best opportunities for you to learn about life. Let’s dive into it:

1.  Minimalism

An aspiring documentary about simplicity has gained much attention from Netflix users due to its excellent outline. You will enjoy the life and stories of people who value relationships with other people more than materialistic things. It is a life lesson that everyone must learn. Capitalist desires give birth to people who don’t care about others but their happiness and gains.

Minimalism emphasizes the relationship between success and true happiness to commercialism. It also portrays the need to break down the traditional notions and differences between people. You will learn much more with this documentary than in another five years.

2.  Living On One Dollar

One of the powerful Netflix documentaries that leave a deep impression on you is Living on one dollar. This documentary depicted the most significant challenge faced by many people around the globe, i.e., Poverty. Living your daily life without money to buy food or other necessities is unimaginable, but many people experience it firsthand.

In Living On One Dollar, four friends set out on their journey to experience the life of the poor. You will have a sneak peek into their lives, where they struggle to get food, medication, and some life necessities, and their drop in energy in the process. This documentary ultimately brings out your empathy and urge to do something for people living in misery.

3.  Expedition Happiness

You must find Expedition Happiness interesting if you are a travel enthusiast yourself. This travelog documentary shows a German couple’s desire to avoid the complex and stressful life of big cities. This couple portrays the worth of nature and the impacts of wandering the Earth without worrying about the world.

This film is intriguing and inspiring because the couple broke the rules of planning the trip and grabbed a school bus to travel where their hearts took them. It is a great documentary film to learn and feed your soul with the boost of freedom.

4.  Play Book

You all need a coach or teacher to prosper in your desired fields. Several people claim to have learned from no one, but that can not be true. You, as a human, learn things and then adapt them. The PlayBook discusses the coaches, their importance, methods to draw out your best potential, theories, beliefs about life and sports, etc.

This five-episode documentary helps you to learn the truths about life and success. This documentary also motivates you about your life goals and the action you must take to achieve them.

5.  14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible

As the name gives away, this Netflix documentary enlightens you about the universal truth that ‘Nothing is impossible in life if you are persistent and eager enough to give even more than your 100%. This breathtaking documentary depicts the world record of Nirmal Purja and his team climbing the top 14 peaks of the world in mere seven months.

The 14 peaks will make you fall in love with the big mountains. Many moments will make you feel goosebumps. This aspiring film motivates you to be fearless and optimistic to achieve things the world deems impossible.

The Bottom Line

There you have it; relish in these documentaries to change your life and mindset about many aspects of the world. You can not only enjoy fun movies or series on Netflix, but it also teaches you so many life lessons with some inspiring content. So curl in your bed while looking for tips on ‘How to play bingo online,’ and switch on Netflix to learn valuable things.

Staff Writer