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Former Pakistan player reveals his favorite player and it’s not Virat Kohli

India is very lucky to have two of the best batsmen in cricket at present. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are considered as modern-day greats. The former Pakistan legend Zaheer Abbas has said that Rohit Sharma‘s batting gives him satisfaction when compared to that of Virat Kohli’s.

Rohit Sharma’s strokes a class apart

One of Pakistan’s greatest batsman of all time Zaheer Abbas has said that he is fascinated to see Rohit Sharma’s stroke play when compared to the Indian skipper Virat Kohli. Zaheer Abbas said that-

“Kohli is a great player, but watching the beautiful strokes that Rohit Sharma possesses gives me a lot of satisfaction. The way he creates a shot is his art, which is something that Kohli does not possess.”

Zaheer also added that he never switches off his Tv when India’s limited-overs vice-captain goes about his business. He said-

“When he is playing, I never switch off my TV. Kohli is right now India’s backbone but watching Rohit making his strokes makes me happy. Both these batsmen are great to watch.”

India is the richest cricket board

Zaheer Abbas also added that over the past few years India has been dominant in cricket and said that India’s domestic background has been really strong.

“They have a lot of money, but they have also worked on the right areas. They have not made too many changes to their domestic system, which only made it better”.

Zaheer Abbas puts Gavaskar, Sachin, and Virat in the same bracket

The Pakistani great concluded by saying that India always found a way to replace their greats of the game seamlessly without much difficulty.

“Cricket has always been popular in India and they have always produced great players. Unlike us, they have stayed away from falling into politics and jealousy and made a system that took along senior players too so that there is no gap between them and those who replace them. You can see that earlier there was Sunil Gavaskar, then came Sachin Tendulkar and now there is Kohli”.


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