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KL Rahul trolls Yuzi Chahal for his TikTok Videos

Twitter Q&A’s seems to be the new hobby of our favourite cricket superstars during the lockdown days. Recently Indian team’s flamboyant right handed batsman KL Rahul went to Twitter to answer some questions from fans during a #AskKL session. During this session a fan asked him what he thought of Yuzvendra Chahal’s TikTok videos.

TikTok Chahal

In response to one of the questions, KL Rahul offered hilarious advice to his Indian teammate Yuzvendra Chahal, who stormed social media with his funny TikTok videos.

“I think he should stick to the bowling googlies on the ground,” tweeted KL Rahul.

Chahal, Shami and David Warner are few among the many cricketers who have been fairly active on tiktok since the lockdown. Chahal have been flooding his Instagram with tiktok videos, so does David Warner. Both of them have taken the support of their family members as well to showcase their acting skills.

Chahal gets trolled

Rahul is not the first one to troll chahal since the lockdown began. In a recent Instagram live session, his former RCB teammate Gayle advised him to quit social media because his posts are annoying.

“I am going to tell TikTok to block you as well, seriously. You are very annoying on social media man. You need to get off social media right now,” Gayle said.

“We are tired of Chahal. I don’t wanna see you in my life again. I am gonna block you,” the West Indian added.

Even the Indian captain Virat Kohli feels the  same about Chahal. He recently asked ABD ro check out Chahal’s tiktok videos and even called him a clown.

“Have you seen his TikTok videos? You should go and check out Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tik Tok videos,” said Kohli.

“You will not believe this guy is playing international cricket and he is 29-year-old. Just go and look at his videos. He’s an absolute clown.”

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