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Laws Vs. Reality: What It’s Like For Norwegians To Play At Online Casinos

By Staff Writer

The iGaming industry is booming worldwide, and more countries have amended existing laws to embrace the sector. However, there are still countries where all forms of casino and sports betting practices are illegal, one of which is Norway. On paper, strict rules technically prohibit all gambling practices in the country. But, there are some online casinos residents still manage to use for gaming.

The Legal Situation: Is Online Gambling Legal in Norway?

Norway has one of the most strict laws against gambling. However, the industry is quite complicated, and there has always been a trace of gamble-related activities in the region.

The Totalisator Act of 1927 initially introduced legal horse race betting. This act paved the way for Norway Riskoto to conduct horse betting all over the country. This platform is one of the country’s only legally allowed gambling sites.

Of course, there have been other updates to the laws, and the system completely banned all forms of betting in offshore casinos. However, this law is hardly effective, as almost every online casino residents use are from foreign countries.

There are quite a few limited Norwegian casinos and betting sites for players who prefer to abide by the standing laws. However, they do not make a difference, as better options are easily accessible offshore.

The Norwegian casino comparisons on ToppCasinoNorge indicate that there are many of these online gambling companies available to players in the country. However, in reality, none are local companies. The only online casino Norwegian players have access to, other than the Riskoto, is Norsk Tipping.

Compared to offshore platforms, Norway Ristoko and Norsk Tipping have too many limitations. This is because these sites operate under official approval, so they work according to the specifications of the country’s gambling rules.

Norsk Tipping is specially designed for players who wish to access all major casino games. They offer game options ranging from Blackjack to Roulette, free slot spins, and other titles. However, if you want to explore more options, features a great list. But bear in mind that it is illegal to gamble in Norway, even though there is no stated punishment for offenders.

The Reality Of Gambling In Norway

On paper, Norwegian players only have access to sites like Norsk Tipping and Rostoko. However, the gambling situation in the country is very different from what most people assume.

Though both online and offline gambling is illegal in the country, gamblers from the region still play freely at foreign casinos. Also, most of these foreign sites accept Norwegian players, so it becomes even easier to signup and place bets without restrictions.

With the advent of modern digital currencies and crypto transactions, it is even easier for players to fund their casino accounts with crypto wallets to carry out gaming activities.

The Future Of Gambling

The government of Norway is unclear about the future of gambling in the country. Though there is a long history of gambling in the country, there have never been any favourable laws. While these prohibitive laws are in place, there aren’t any strict bodies punishing offenders. It indicates that gambling could be termed legal in the future.

Which Country Has The Best Online Casinos?

Unlike Norway, most countries worldwide allow gambling. Thus, the industry grows rapidly in these nations, and more casino brands keep popping up now and then. Sweden is one of the countries well-known for gambling. It is also home to some of the biggest names in the industry. Other than Sweden, countries like Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the UK have the best industry brands.

Brazil is the number one country regarding online gambling involvement, with monthly casino visits surpassing 90 million. Casinos from these countries do not place restrictions on players, so they have a large number of Norwegian gamblers visiting them


The laws and the reality of gambling in Norway are one big contradictory situation that can confuse many. Though there are rules against it, most players break the laws and access their favourite sites offshore. Moreover, there is no official body monitoring the sector in the country.

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