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Looking for possibilities to host IPL 2020 post monsoon: BCCI CEO

The cricket fans are rejoicing themselves after some enthralling news regarding the possibilities of the happenings of IPL coming their way which is heading towards the right direction. It was reported earlier that the BCCI is looking at the window of October-November to conduct this year’s Indian premier league and to add authority to that news, the BCCI CEO has come up with another positive news regarding the whereabouts of the cash rich league.

We are still optimistic- BCCI CEO

As the world is slowly recovering from the corona pandemic, there are no improvements in some parts of the world and that includes India. Although the cases are not rocketing up in a breakneck pace, the situation looks bleak for any action to begin in the next 2 months.

It is also a known fact that the BCCI will have to incur a loss of about 4000 crores if the cash rich league doesn’t happen. Hence the cricket board is trying its best to sneak the IPL in the October-November window where the WT20 is scheduled to happen

Here’s what the BCCI CEO Rahul Johri had to say about the current state of affairs

When flights resume, everyone has to quarantine themselves before playing. We will have to look at how that will impact the schedules, which as it is are tight. Imagine you have to factor in 14-day quarantine prior to practice also. So, there are a lot of moving parts. But we are still optimistic. Hopefully, the situation will improve after the monsoon, and we will approach it then

Cricket is a leader and it will lead the way!

Cricket is more than a sport in a cricket crazy nation like India and the people worship the sport more than any other sport which leads to enormous revenue generation. The BCCI CEO further added that

More people watched the IPL last year than those who voted for general elections. For sponsors, cricket is a leader and it will lead the way. The recovery will be sharper than a V-shaped recovery. It will be a step-by-step process. We can’t expect normalization tomorrow

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