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Most Profitable Types of Bets at 4Rabet

By Staff Writer

About Sports Betting

Sports betting is a game of chance in which the bookmaker and the player are making a bet on a definite outcome of an event, match or even a piece of it.

Pari-sports have appeared together with the competitions as well. It is believed that the first sport, the results of which are accepted bets, was the chariot race. In ancient Rome, they bet on gladiatorial fights. In modern times it was impossible to imagine horse racing without betting. Today hippodromes are still a place where a lot of money is won and lost. The same is true for boxers’ fights. Over time, betting became accepted in all sports, and the industry has grown and has indeed taken over the world with unique earning opportunities.

In the past, in order to make a bet, you had to make a phone call or visit special betting centers, today it is enough to have a computer or phone with internet connection. Bets are accepted not only on the ultra-popular soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, American soccer, tennis, but also on such exotics, in terms of betting, as darts, chess, cybersports. Modern technology with the help of a simple smartphone allows you to follow the competitions, see statistics and make bets in a few seconds.

About the Bookmaker’s Site 4Rabet is the official bookmaker in Bangladesh. On the site you can find not only sports betting, but also online casinos.

The site appeared on the market in 2018. And during this time was able to become quite popular not only in Bangladesh, but also in India and other countries of the world. The creator of the office is Umbrella Development BV .

The site is made in such a way as to provide a pleasant finding and easy navigation.

The choice of sports consists of:

  • Cricket:
  • Hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball;
  • Tennis;
  • Table tennis;
  • Rugby;
  • Handball;
  • Snooker and more.

Study all sporting activities carefully,find what you like and start playing with 4Rabet BD.

4Rabet Betting Types

Here you’ll find some of the most reliable and highest odds in the country. They are separated into 6 formats, in order to make them easy to understand and navigate:

  • American is a type of betting odds, which, in contrast to the decimal or fractional notation, shows the chances of the outcome by the probable amount of winnings. It is presented as a – or + numbers. A positive number shows the profit for a bet of 100 rupees and a negative number shows how many bets you need to make in order to get a profit of 100 rupees;
  • Indonesian is a counting strategy that is something similar to American Bets. Here the leaders and outsiders are counted, which are marked with + and – signs. But in this case it is multiplied by 100;
  • European – one of the most popular types of bets. It is also called decimal. It shows how much your stake will be if you win. For example 3.65;
  • Hong Kong- The bets are in some ways similar to the European type. You can also bet in terms of 1 INR. Distinctive sign – the factor has numbers with + and – signs. Example =0.5;
  • Malaysian – the + and – signs indicate the leaders and outsiders, as well as there are fractional numbers. They depend on the correspondence of the expected profit and your bet ;
  • Fractional is a rather difficult coefficient, which is unlikely to be suitable for beginners. It shows the correlation between the profit you expect and your bet, for example 5\2.

Just start with the easiest ones, so you don’t get upset in the beginning.

Betting Options at 4Bet BD

For all players from Bangladesh, there are two types of bets which are available after you sign up.  The main difference is when a player makes a bet – before the game or during the game.

Betting before the game

They can be used in more than 35 types of bets. They are the most universal and easy to understand. They help combine the results and make different bets for maximum payouts.

Every player, even a newcomer to the site for the first time, will be able to get oriented easily. To do this, you need to find the section “Popular Now” and select a sport that interests you.

Betting While Playing

4rabet offers good conditions for this type of betting. In the live section you can choose between different matches and events that take place all over the world, including Bangladesh and India.

For easy selection and navigation there is a filter of events. You can select events that are taking place at the moment or only popular events. To save time, use the quick search for your favorite sport.

4rabet Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

As we live in the 21st century, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. 4Rabet is not behind, and actively involves players in this deposit option. In addition to this method, everyone can use such systems as PayTM, Skrill, Neteller and UPI. Despite the fact that the site has a small selection of payment methods, you can be sure that they will not bring any problems. Since they are tested by professionals. If you can’t find the payment method that you want, ask for technical support. They will definitely help you to solve this problem.

The main thing in sports betting is the ability to make the right choice in good spirits and skillfully use the game bank. It should also be mentioned that you should not bet on the whole bank, that is extremely losing the whole amount of the deposit.

Staff Writer