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Nostragamus Table Tennis | TT Cup | Zharskiy Vitalii vs Kolos Y | Rybachuk R vs Berezynskyi S

Zharskiy Vitalii will be taking on Kolos Yuri in the upcoming fixture of the TT Cup. Talking about Zharskiy Vitalii, the 21-year-old comes from the city of Ivano Frankivsk and has a rating of 462 in Ukraine. The ratio of games in the league of athletes is that of 45:23/569:508 for Vitalii. From his last seven games, Zharskiy Vitalii has won four and lost three so far. The wins have been against Kolos 3:2, Maksymiv 3:1, Tymchyshyn 1:3 and Maksymiv yet again by 3:1. The defeats on the other end for Vitalii have been to Presnyakov 1:3 and 2:3, as well as Presnyakov 3:2.

Meanwhile, Kolos Yurri has a rating of 388 in Ukraine, The 37-year-old has a ratio of games in the league of athletes by 14:18/280:274 and he comes from the City of Rogatyn. From the last six games, Kolos has lost five, while only registering a solitary win. The defeats have been to Maksymiv 1:3, Zharskiy 3:2, Presnylakov 0:3, Tymchyshyn 3:0 and Presnyakov. The one win for Kolos has been to Kunynets by 3:0.

Match 2

In match two It will be Rybachuk Roman who faces Berezynskyi S. If we talk about Rybachuk Roman, he comes from the City of Lusk and is 38 years of age. The last seven games have been all uneventful for Roman as he’s lost all seven of them. The defeats have been against Baklykov 1:3 and 31, Symonchuk 2:3 and 3:2, Vahta 0:3 and 3:1 as well as Berezynskyi 3:2.

Berezynskui Serhii on the other end also comes from the City of Lusk. Serhii is a veteran in the sport and is 50 years of age. The ratio of games in the league of athletes for Berezynskui Serhii is 16:11/98:104. From the last seven games, Serhii has managed to win four, while being on the receiving end of three defeats. The wins have been to Baklykov 3:1 and 1:3, Vahta 3:2, Rybachuk and Symonchuk. The defeats for Serhii have also come against Vahta 3:1, Baklykov 1:3, and Symonchuk 3:1.

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