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Online Cricket Betting in India – Best Sites and Apps for Betting

By Staff Writer

So, What Is Online Cricket Betting? You can place a wager on the result of an ongoing cricket match by using the online betting systems. The team you think will win, the side you think will lose, or the total number of runs scored in the game can all be gambled on. You can wager on who will score the most runs or win the match.

One of the most well-liked forms of wagering is online cricket betting in India. It has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry, with participants from all around the world. 

Finding a trustworthy online cricket betting site is the first step. You can begin betting on matches once you have registered and deposited some money. The odds change based on the game and bookmaker, and there are numerous ways to play. Among other things, you can wager on the result, the total amount of runs scored, and the number of wickets taken.

Best Sites for Online Cricket Betting in India

To start using online cricket betting, you should use certain platforms. Here are the best sites to start online cricket betting in India.

Site Welcome Bonus
Betway 100% up to ₹2,500
Dafabet 170% up to ₹17,000
Parimatch 150% up to ₹30,000
1xBet 130% up to ₹26,000
bet O bet 100% up to ₹30,000
ComeOn 100% up to ₹35,000
Fun88 450% up to ₹100,000
Bet365 Up to ₹4,000 in Bet Credits

Best Apps for Online Cricket Betting in India

To make the process easier, you can also use applications for online cricket betting. Here is the list of best applications:

  1. Betway App;
  2. 10CRIC App;
  3. Parimatch App;
  4. 1xBet App;
  5. ComeOn App.

Which Rewards Can Online Cricket Betting Contain?

More Diversity in Comparison With Offline Betting

Online betting allows you to experiment with a wide variety of cricket betting markets, which is not possible with traditional betting. This is due to two factors: first, the geographical constraint, and second, the fact that offline betting is prohibited in India.

Possibility to Earn

With proper research and competitive odds, you can win and profit.

More Entertainment

Betting on a match changes the entire cricket-watching experience. You go from a passive form of entertainment to becoming more involved in every delivery bowled and run scored.

Possibility to Bet at Any Time and Any Place

You can now make a quick income from anywhere in the world thanks to online betting. All you need is a laptop (or smartphone) and a reliable Internet connection.

Payouts Are Fast

Online gambling ensures same-day payouts with no unnecessary delays.

Responsible Betting: How To Avoid Risks?

Even though many people consider betting their hobby and spend a lot of time wagering, it should be remembered that there are certain risks. We list the main ones to help you avoid an unpleasant betting experience.

Instability in Finances

To guarantee that your financial stability is not in danger, setting a betting budget is important. Uncontrolled betting can ruin personal money, put you and your loved ones in a vulnerable situation, and have other negative effects. Limit your wagers to what you can afford to lose.

Changes in Behavior

Constant feelings of loss or victory can disorient you and cause changes in mental stability and behavior.

False Successes and Failures

You can start to associate your victories and losses with real life, feeling on the top after victory and deep down after a loss, and that should be treated by a psychotherapist. 

Avoiding Your Routine and Real Life

Betting has the potential to hold your attention for an extended period, and failing to cut yourself off may cause you to become distracted from other aspects of your life. You must stick to a strict betting schedule and avoid interfering with your work and family life.


Betting causes addiction easily and contains danger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India?

In India, the issue is resolved as follows: in 1867, a Public Gambling Act was passed to prohibit casinos and bookies in the country. At the same time, this legislative act does not prohibit the organization or participation in online betting. This implies that bookmaker activities via websites are legal and not prohibited, as long as a valid license is in place. That is why it is critical to understand which platforms meet these requirements, what licenses they have, and where they operate.

Where Can I Download Betting Apps?

Both Google Play and App Store have very strict policies regarding which apps and services they provide through their stores, and betting is one niche where they have taken a hard stance. 


This means that you sometimes may not find the betting apps in their respective app stores, but instead should go directly to the betting sites themselves to download the necessary files to install the app.

Are There Welcome Bonuses in Betting Apps?

Yes, welcome bonuses work just as well in bookies’ betting apps as they do on their main websites. 


Sometimes a betting site will have certain offers tailored specifically to those who use their app.

Are There Casino Games in Betting Apps?

Yes, many betting apps include an online casino. The ComeOn app, for example, includes a casino in addition to its regular betting platform.


Some apps, such as the Betway app, have a separate app for each game you want to play, so you can play casino games but need a separate app.

Is It Legal to Use Betting Apps?

A betting app is nothing more than an extension of a betting website. So, if betting sites are legal, betting apps should be legal in local jurisdictions as well.

Are Betting Apps Safe?

Yes. All of our recommended betting apps have been verified to use proper encryption and SSL coding to ensure the security of your personal information, remember to use two-factor authentication whenever available.


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