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Rahul Dravid tells why CSK wins and RCB loses

The Corona Virus pandemic has gripped the world by its throat. The entire world has come to a standstill with absolutely no action happening. People are all staying inside homes in most nations observing quarantine and there’s absolutely no scope for sporting events happening anywhere in the next few weeks.

Time to dig up Cricket stories

With no cricketing events lined up at the moment, it’s time to dig up some interesting stories and insights into the game of cricket. When looking into one of the best modern book related to cricket, we stumbled upon a really interesting quote of The Wall – Rahul Dravid.

Dravid tells the secret of success

In a book written by Tim Wigmore and Freddie Wilde – Cricket 2.0: Inside the T20 Revolution, Dravid was quoted saying why he felt CSK wins more than RCB. He said

When they got into the IPL, Chennai probably had an advantage over a lot of other franchises because their owners, India Cements, were already in the business of running cricket teams

Former India captain and one of the best batsman of test match cricket, Rahul Dravid was initially a part of the RCB squad back in the first year of IPL.

Then he moved onto RR and then now he’s been associated with coaching the India-A and India U-19 sides for the last few years. Looking back at why RCB didn’t manage to win a single title, he was quoted in the book saying- “ Bangalore have never balanced their team very well. They had their best year when they had a bowler like Mitchell Starc who was able to close out games for them. But they kept going out and picking gun batsmen.”

On The best team of IPL- Chennai Super Kings

On CSK, he gave a variety of reasons on why they were the most successful franchise till now. Dravid opined that CSK focused on bowling resources to win titles. He said

The fact that CSK have been able to get some of the best guys has meant that they have always had that core. CSK have been brilliant because they have had a good bowling attack and they have managed to always keep the opposition in check. That’s where Chennai have always been successful because they’ve often had stronger bowling than Bangalore.”


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