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| On Updated : Mar 17, 2020 3:40 PM IST

Shikhar Dhawan in quarantine after return from Germany, shares video

India star Shikhar Dhawan shared a video of a quarantine unit which is established approximately 70 km away from the Delhi airport. Dhawan is currently at the facility after his return from Germany.

Shikhar Dhawan shares video of quarantine facility

India star shared a video of an individual who returned to India from Germany, one of the top ten nations worst affected by the infamous COVID-19 virus. The video reveals the typical quarantining procedure.

Dhawan’s Facebook page, the man says: “Hello everyone, today I came back to Delhi from Germany and approximately 70km far (from the airport), the government has quarantined all the passengers.”

“The entire building is being sprayed with sanitizer, DM (District Magistrate), SDM (Sub District Magistrate), all the senior officials are present here. The Delhi Police is also on active duty for our protection,” he added.

Shikhar Dhawan thanked Govt. for quarantine unit facilities

Dhawan went on to thank the government and others working tirelessly for the screening process.

“I was terrified after coming back but once I reached here and all the kind of arrangement done by the Indian government, I could appreciate it nicely,” he said. “I’d also like to mention that I didn’t see such an arrangement even in Germany,” said Dhawan.