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Tips and Tricks for betting on Kabaddi

By Staff Writer


Kabaddi is a national sport that no one knows precisely when it started. Some say that the game first came to be over 4000 years ago, others say that even before that, but usually, the different opinions agree about the place from where it originated: Tamil Nadu. Princes would play the game in order to display their strength and marry the most beautiful girls.

Even today, the game still endures, being now one of India’s top five most popular sports. For that reason, numerous gambling establishments started displaying betting odds for it.

If you are new to betting, keep reading and learn how things work and what to watch out for when wagering on Kabaddi.

Choose a safe online betting platform

The most critical step when betting on any sport is to choose a reliable bookie. Betting and gambling in India are already problematic and accepted in specific parts of the country. The betting platforms need special documentation in order to function legally in India.

One might make an analogy between the legal status of internet betting in India and that of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), which is in charge of regulating gambling activities, requires operators to submit strict documentation in order for them to be allowed to offer gambling activities. According to the most recent study that was compiled by KingCasinoBonus, in spite of the fact that the legislation is extremely stringent, approximately one thousand gamblers sign up on a monthly basis at illegal casinos. The stats are concerning because of the quantity of users that do not entirely know the difference between a safe betting platform and an illegal one.

Therefore, make sure you pick the safest option you can get. You can take every online gambling establishment, verify it, and look at their odds. Take your time, and don’t rush this step.

Moreover, view their dedicated page. You might find generous welcome bonuses, no-deposit offers, or special deals for the major Kabaddi championships.

Learn what markets you can bet on

The Match Winner market is the simplest to understand and safest to bet on. It works the same as for football or cricket; you place a bet on the team you think will win the match. For each game, there is another bet. After this one market, things get more detailed.

Outright winner

Another classic bet, the outright winner is far more advanced than the Match winner. This bet indicates which team you think will win the tournament. Moreover, if you compare multiple odds when the season is playing, you can understand which team is seen as the favorite/underdog by the bookies.

Team to score 15 points in the first half

This is a typical market for the PKL and other significant events. This bet makes you think about which team manages to score 15 points before the break. You can look at it as a “Yes/No” bet, but you have to consider both teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Research both teams, and don’t put your heart into it.


Top tackles

You can bet on defense and offense. Some players are good at tackling their opponents, which brings you another betting chance. If you are unsure which player will be the best, watch each team’s past 3-4 matches to have a better view and place a winning bet.

Top raider

The top Raider market allows you to consider which raider will outrun the other ones. Remember that even if two players are on the same team, they will have different odds. You can bet on how many you want, but only one of them will win the title.

There is another bet under this category called Dark Horse. The dark horse is the player who can outperform their opponents but doesn’t surpass the top raider.

Other general markets you can find on Kabaddi betting websites

  • Double Chance
  • Even/Odd
  • Total Over/Under
  • Asian Total
  • Super Total
  • Handicap
  • Asian Handicap
  • Team Results

Mark the top Kabaddi tournaments in your calendar

So far, you understand the different bets, markets, and the importance of a good betting website. But when can you place a bet? Players participate in small Kabaddi events all the time, but bookies won’t show odds for those even if the games have outstanding results.

The best chances for you to find numerous competitive odds are when the more significant competitions are about to start.

Pro Kabaddi League

The PKL was established in 2014 and showed similarities with the Indian Cricket League. The league occurs in various popular locations such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune. Usually, it starts in the second half of autumn or in December. This year the competition started a bit earlier, on 7th October, and it ends in December.


Kabaddi World Cup

The International Kabaddi Federation has organized this esteemed competition since 2010. The Federation introduced the women’s Kabaddi World Cup in 2012. India won 12 first places and dominated the game every year. The next World Cup will happen in the first quarter of 2023, but the exact date is unknown.

Asian Games

The Asiad is a continental multi-sport competition similar to the Olympics. It is also held every four years. It’s a big competition, so you’ll find many markets to wager on. The next Asian Games will reach Japan in 2026.

Other tournaments you should keep an eye on

  • Para Asian Games
  • Asian Kabaddi Championship
  • Junior World Kabaddi championship
  • Indo International Premier Kabaddi League
  • Super Kabaddi League
  • Kabaddi Masters

Understand and love the game

You can’t wager on a sport you don’t understand and love. Don’t start betting if you are not familiar with every variant of the game, the specific rules, and the particularities. Even more, you should also pay close attention to teams and players and watch their evolution. Wager within your budget and Kabaddi knowledge limits.

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