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Watch: Jonty Rhodes picks best fielders

Over the years many cricketers have entertained their fans with their incredible batting and bowling performances. But very few have been able to provide entertainment through their fielding. One name that tops that list is Jonty Rhodes. Regarded as the best fielder to have ever played the game, he named his favourite fielders from the current genaration in his live chat with Indian batsman Suresh Raina.

Jonty’s favourite fielders

During his live interaction with the legendary South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes, Suresh Raina asked him to name his favourite fielders from the current generation. He started his list by naming his fellow countrymen AB Devilliers. He added that AB is entertaining to watch when he is batting and even when he is fielding. He further went on to name New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptil to be one of the best fielders among the current lot.

It was Martin Guptil who managed to make a direct hit to the stumps to run out MS Dhoni in the semi final of the ICC World Cup in 2019. That direct hit not only ended Dhoni’s innings but also shattered India’s dream of lifting the World Cup in the Lord’s balcony.

Won’t recommend Jadeja’s technique to youngsters says Jonty

He ended his list by naming India’s Ravindra Jadeja.

“He’s not bad. Isn’t it?”  said Jonty.

He further added that he was not a big fan of Jadeja’s sidearm throwing technique and mentioned that he would never teach young budding cricketers to copy that technique. He clarified that he would teach the youngsters to throw the ball above the eye line rather than side arm technique used by Jadeja. Even though he is not a big fan of Jadeja’s sidearm technique, he said that Jaddu is some one who has mastered that technique to full perfection.

Big fan of Raina

Jonty ended this discussion by mentioning that he was a big fan of Raina’s fielding. He also added that both of them had the same technique and watching Raina field reminded his of his golden days.

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