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When Sushant Singh Rajput realised one of his 50 dreams to ‘play cricket left handed’

By Midhun M Menon

Young talented Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide a few days back was not just a movie actor. He was someone who had many dreams and was multi-talented as well. He had a list of 50 dreams that he wished to fulfill. One of those dreams was to play cricket left-handed.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s list of dreams

The late actor had a list of 50 dreams that he wished to fulfill before his death. He had shared these on his various social media platforms earlier. He used to post videos when he completed each task. Each of them was a unique task.

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Sushant Singh Rajput playing cricket left-handed

The third wish on his illustrious list was to play cricket left-handed. For a man who portrayed the former Indian captain, MS Dhoni, to full perfection, this was a cakewalk. Naturally a right-hander, it took him great practice and hard work to play cricket left-handed. He did the batting and bowling left-handed in such a way that nobody would ever think that he is a natural right-hander. Sushant fulfilled this dream in October last year. He also shared a video of the same on Twitter for his fans.

“Live Soon.:)???????? —— Dream 3/50 ——Play a Cricket match left-handed. ????

#livingmydreams ???? #lovingmydreams “, he had tweeted.

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When Sushant became MS Dhoni

Sushant rose to fame after he was chosen to portray the former Indian captain MS Dhoni in his biopic MS Dhoni- the untold story. He practiced cricket for 9 months for the same and did full justice to his portrayal as Captain Cool. His untimely death has not only sent shock waves across the Bollywood, but it has also come in as a piece of shocking news to the entire cricket fraternity as well.

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