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X-factor substitute, Power Surge, Bash Boost: All New Big Bash 2020 Rules EXPLAINED

By Balaji

Innovation is the most used term in today’s news articles revolving around the changes that have been brought in for the upcoming season of Big Bash League. The BBL 10 will be the beginning of a new era in franchise cricket as there are 3 major changes proposed to the way cricket is being played.

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X-factor substitute in BBL 2020

In August 2019, a certain Australian batsman, Marnus Labuschagne became the first ever concussion substitute to the take the field in place of Steve Smith and he famously made an impact on his own. Now although that was a forced change, the new BBL rule will allow a team to make an “X-factor substitute” wherein a player named as 12th or 13th man can come in, in place of a member of the playing 11 who hasn’t batted yet or bowled no more than one over. This tactical substitution have to take place at the end of the 10th over in the first innings.

Power Surge

One another proposed change is the Power Surge which is considered an upgrade to the existing powerplay in the T20 format. The idea is to split up the existing 6 over quota of powerplay into a mandatory field restrictions of first 4 overs and 2 overs of “power surge” towards the end of the innings. The 2 over quota can be chosen by the batting team anytime between the 11th to 20th over. This kind of split up of powerplay overs isn’t an entirely new concept as everyone might be aware a situation similar to the one proposed has existed in the ODI arena during the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

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Bash Boost

Yet another innovation that has been implemented is the Bash Boost which is a change from the traditional points system. Instead of 2 points for a win now there will be 3 points for the match win but overall there are four points up for grabs as the team that is in front of the game at the midway point through the chase gets one point.

Remember the name – Mr. Trent Woodhill

The main man behind these proposed changes is Mr. Trent Woodhill, the Big Bash’s player acquisition and cricket consultant. He believes the new playing conditions will increase the role of the head coach, the support staff and also bring up new narratives during a match.

“What it will do is force coaches to start looking at what they’re going to do, I reckon that’s powerful,” Woodhill told .

“That’s what’s great about AFL, NRL, basketball, the NFL, baseball. I can’t wait for the day where a coach subs a player after one over – players and coaches will hate it at times, but now there’s no hiding place,” Woodhill further added

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