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Yuvraj Singh shares hilarious gender-swap photo of India cricketers, Bhuvi rated Hottest

By Midhun M Menon

The popular mobile application ‘Face App’ has been the trending topic for the past few days on social media. People from all walks of life, from normal citizens to celebrities have been trying their hand in this application to check how they would look if they changed gender. Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh took to Instagram to post the female version photo of famous current Indian cricketers.

Yuvraj Singh swaps the gender of Indian cricketers

Yuvraj Singh recently shared a photo of the Indian men’ cricket team on Instagram but with a little twist. Instead of their original photos, he posted their gender-swapped photo to show how they would look if they were women.  He posted the picture with the caption:

“Who will you select as your girlfriend’? I will reply tomorrow,”

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Bhuvaneshwari a.k.a Bhuvi termed the hottest

Most of the Indian cricketers looked prettier with long hairs and no beards in the gender-swapped photo. While some looked odd, the one that caught everyone’s attention was that of Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. Many people including notable celebrities commented below the photo that Bhuvi was way hotter than the rest. Some even suggested the name ‘ Bhuvaneshwari Kumar’.

“I will select bhuvi,” wrote off-spinner Harbhajan Singh”

“BHUVI IS THE HOTTEST!!” Bollywood actor Ashish Chowdhry wrote.

“My Vote BHUVI” actor Karan Wahi commented.

Ashish Nehra’s wife Rushma was also among the many people who agreed with Harbhajan’s choice. Interestingly Bhuvneshwar commented that “I choose Bhuvi”, to which Yuvraj responded that he was so obsessed with himself.

Former England international Kevin Pietersen found the Instagram post interesting and replied with laughing emojis.

Indian captain Virat Kohli and the ever so stylish KL Rahul were other notable names that got a huge number of votes.

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Chahal pulls Yuvraj Singh’s leg

Yuzvendra Chahal, who had been one of the most active cricketers on social media during these days of lockdown commented tried to pull Yuvi’s leg in his own style.

“I think you want yours too yuvi paa” he commented.

Chahal was the one who started this trend in the cricket world. Few days before, he shared a gender-swap picture of Rohit Sharma, with a hilarious caption:

“So cute u looking Rohitaaaaaa Sharammaaaaa bhaiya @ImRo45,” Chahal captioned the picture.

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