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Yuvraj Singh shares throwback ‘Jawaani ke din’ photo on Instagram, Sourav Ganguly reacts

By Midhun M Menon

Indian cricket under Sourav Ganguly was in its golden period. The camaraderie between the Indian teammates back then was a sight for Indian cricket team fans. Irrespective of the generations, all players in the team gelled together really well. Yuvraj Singh, who was probably one of the youngest members of the team back then posted a throwback picture of his teammates on Instagram with the caption  ‘Jawaani ke din’.

Yuvraj Singh takes a trip down memory lane

Former Indian allrounder Yuvraj Singh in various of his interviews has made it clear that his favourite captain was Sourav Ganguly and even had praised him for backing the youngsters like him. He has also opined that the team bonding back then in the Indian team was something else. In memory of those wonderful days, he posted a throwback picture on Instagram with the caption ‘Jawaani ke din’, which meant youthful days.

 “#blastfromthepast ! Jawaani ke din  dineshhhh  @harbhajan3 @vvslaxman281 @virendersehwag @mohammadkaif87 Mr @sumeetpai what tour is this ?”

Younger versions of legends of Indian cricket like Virender Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh, VVS Laxman, Mohammad Kaif, etc can be seen in the picture. All these players were backed through the thick and thin by the then captain Sourav Ganguly.

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Sourav Ganguly reacts

Sourav Ganguly, who was the Indian captain back then wasted no time in replying to the nostalgic picture. He recollected it to be a picture taken during the England tour in 2002.

“..oh youngeee .. looks like england 2002 .. what a tour it was .. 💪👍 he commented.”

The tour was famous for Ganguly’s shirt waving incident at the lord’s balcony. He did it to take his revenge on Andrew Flintoff who did the same after defeating India to clinch the title in Wankhede when two teams met in India before.

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Yuvraj Singh and the Social media trouble

Yuvraj Singh had been in trouble over the last few months after making controversial statements on social media. At first, he landed himself in trouble after he pledged to donate to Shahid Afridi’s foundation on humanitarian grounds. Afridi’s controversial remarks on the Indian Prime Minister made the fans furious and led to questioning the nationalism of the Punjab born southpaw. Recently he found himself in trouble after making a casteist remark on Yuzvendra Chahal.

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