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| On Updated : Feb 13, 2020 3:20 PM IST

Zaheer Khan has advice for Jasprit Bumrah to get back among wickets

One of the most successful India bowlers, Zaheer Khan believes Jasprit Bumrah needs to be “extra aggressive” to fill wickets column in white-ball cricket.

On why Jasprit Bumrah is not among wickets

Zak is of the opinion that Jasprit Bumrah is bowling well but batsmen tend to take a defensive approach against him.

“When you build a reputation like how Jasprit Bumrah has built now over the years, you will have to fight this. Bumrah is in a phase where teams are saying ‘even if we get thirty five runs we are happy with that as long as we are not giving him wickets because then we can attack the other bowlers’,” said Zaheer on Cribuzz show.

What Bumrah has to do, tells Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan said Bumrah has to take a more aggressive approach now. “That is something which Bumrah will have to understand that he has to be extra aggressive in terms of looking to get those wickets because he knows the batsmen are going to be defensive.”

“So, he has to find that way of going for wickets rather than hoping that the batsmen will make a mistake because batsmen are taking a very conservative approach and making sure that his wicket-taking column is not getting filled.

“It’s a good sign that other batsmen are giving him that respect so it’s Bumrah’s call to now basically make them play. He has to make the play now rather than batsman playing him out,” Zaheer added.