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Abu Dhabi T10: Most embarrassing moment in cricket as shirtless fielder seen chasing the ball

By Chaitanya Laxman

A  very embarrassing moment happened during the T10 Abu Dhabi tournament as UAE cricketer Rohan Mustafa tried to field a ball at the boundary ropes while changing his jersey. In the absurd incident, the camera caught Mustafa running behind the ball while changing his jersey. This bizarre incident left his team-mates and opposition players in splits.

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The T10 Abu Dhabi tournament has already produced plenty of action. From N Pooran’s sensational six-hitting to Wayne Parnell’s hat-trick, there have been plenty of memorable moments in the tournament. But Mustafa’s absurd incident probably tops the list.

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The incident happened during the match between Warriors and Team Abu Dhabi. Warriors’ batsman W Mohammad smashed a delivery towards the boundary. R Mustafa was patrolling the region but he wasn’t completely prepared for the chase as he was changing his jersey.

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However, as the ball came near him, he tried to stop the ball and was still wearing the jersey. Unfortunately neither he could stop the ball and nor could be wear his jersey completely.

You can watch R Mustafa was fielding the ball while wearing his jersey here:


Warriors defeat Abu Dhabi in a last-ball thriller

It was a night to forget for R Mustafa as apart from this embarrassing incident, he also had another disappointment in the match. Warriors needed 2 runs from the last ball to win the game. Overton nailed his low full-toss and R Powell could only push it to the deep-mid wicket. Mustafa failed to collect and throw the ball and instead fumbled. This allowed Warriors to sneak in the second run and complete the win.

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