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BAN Cricketer narrates interesting story of how he managed to get MS Dhoni’s bat

The former world cup winning captain in MS lDhoni is one player in the world cricket at the moment who is looked upon by each and every player for some inspiration and admiration. The heights that this man has achieved in his transcendent career is something that will make all the cricket players to go awe.

The dynamic Bangladeshi batsman in Sabbir Rahman has revealed the lesson that he learnt from MS Dhoni in his brief career and also divulged some interesting facts and conversations that he had with the man himself in MS Dhoni

Not today- Sabbir Rahman’s message to MS Dhoni

The T20I world cup game between India and Bangladesh in 2016 was one of the humdingers of the game that the world could have ever witnessed. India held their nerves in a do or die game and escaped with a 1 run victory that helped them to reach the semi finals of that competition.

The fearless Sabbir Rahman who got stumped during that game in 2016 didn’t do the same mistake in the 2019 world cup game where he just managed to return to the crease before MS could whip the bails in no time off the bowling of Yuzvendra Chahal

Here’s what Sabbir had to say about his his stumping experience

Dhoni stumped me during the World T20 2016 in Bangalore. He was standing for stumping again this time also, I slide before him while running and told him that ‘Aaj Nahi’ [not today]

Sabbir learnt the success mantra to hit big sixes from Dhoni

The powerful wicket keeping batsman is known for his muscularity and hitting long sixes out of the park. Any batsman who watches Dhoni pelting a six would want to hit like him and Sabbir Rahman was no different. When Sabbir Rahman asked about Dhoni’s hitting ability, the veteran answered in his own way.

[During the home series in 2015] I asked him [MS Dhoni] how you hit such big sixes. Whatever you hit becomes six, how. Tell me the secret of your bat. What is in your bat that we don’t have and as a result our sixes don’t go as far as your ones. He told me that it’s just confidence. Besides, there is nothing in my bat. If I think that I’m going to be hit six, then there will be 90 sixes out of 100. That is confidence

He also went on to add the story of how he got the bat from MS Dhoni before Dhoni’s cheeky condition on lending the bat to him.

Then I say to him give me one of your bats and I will try to play against you with that bat and He told me that not against us, you can play with another team but can’t play against me


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