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| On Updated : Mar 24, 2020 11:42 AM IST

‘Bande nahi kutne’ – Ishant Sharma pulls Yuvraj Singh’s leg

Corona Virus is the most dreaded word in the world right now. It is causing shivers down the spine of everyone who is even remotely hearing the news about the spread of the Virus.

All over the world the respective Governments are doing everything in their power to control the spread of the Virus. The Indian Government is not an exception as they have come up with lots of measures to mitigate the risk.

The Prime Minister’s request!

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested the citizens to observe a self-imposed #JanataCurfew on Sunday 22nd March. This 14 hour isolation was to stop the chain of Virus spreading.

Also the requested the citizens to clap from their balconies as a mark of respect for doctors nurses and other people striving to save lives amidst this pandemic.

Yuvraj acts as a model citizen

Yuvraj Singh followed the instructions of the PM and stayed in quarantine for the duration of 14hours. He was also seen raising sounds by banging stumps onto the railing in his balcony thereby marking his respect for the doctors , nurses, police officers etc.

Ishant Sharma who is not a person that is renowned for witty comments in the social media made his presence felt when he sprang up in the comments of Hazel Keech’s Instagram post. Ishant Sharma didn’t spare his senior cricketer by commenting on that video that he had to clap and appreciate as per PM’s instructions and not beat anyone as he was holding the stump.

Photo source: Instagram

Going by the various media sources, the #JanataCurfew was well received and can be termed as a successful operation. Even the 5pm honouring of workers was observed.

If everyone can stay indoors and come out only incase of emergency then the virus spread can be stopped. The next weeks will be very crucial for this and everyone must adhere to Government’s instructions.

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