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How Indians’ Passion to Cricket Makes Impact on Online Gambling Industry

By Staff Writer

To call cricket a sporting event in India would be a bias, one-dimensional and insensitive statement. Cricket in India today is not just a sport; it has evolved over the years to become a religion and a cultural symbol. Even though it is not the country’s national sport at the moment, it is the most popular sport in India. On the seats of its glorious stadia and the streets in front of large screens there, you will witness the purest of emotions of the Indian people. Cricket gets the soft side of the feelings of the people in India. In India, Cricket is like football to the Brazilians.

The love of Indians for cricket is no doubt immense and that has reinvented the cricket league to run like the IPL. The Indian Premier League and its 60 matches play a huge role in unifying the country when it runs. Considering the massive impact of the sport, it is no surprise that the game makes a huge impact on gambling. Even though professional cricket gambling in India is still at its primitive stages, the effects on the entire industry are enormous.

In this article, you will see how cricket and the passion of Indians for the game powers gambling.

History of Cricket Betting in India

Cricket betting in India is not a new development in India. Long before Cricket Indians could watch games on TV or the internet, people placed bets on cricket. Historians believe that the act dates back to the mid-1600s.

History books show that many Indians had the time engaged in placing wagers on cricket games. At the time, the alarming rate of gambling forced the parliament in India to create a monetary restriction for cricket gambling. Due to this, they made the Gambling Act that limits the amount of money Indians can wager on Cricket matches.

Even with these restrictions, India witnessed another surge in Cricket gambling in the 18th century. As of today, cricket gambling is enjoying the most participation it has had in history. Thanks to the creation of the IPL and methods like the ODI and T20, betting on cricket continues to grow exponentially.

How Does Cricket Impact Gambling?

India today is the second most populated country in the world, with over a billion people. That vast population creates a potential market that can be exploited for massive profits. For any industry, gambling or not, to succeed in India, it has to take its customers’ needs very seriously. That explains why the gambling industry in India is doing well. The players in the industry have aligned themselves with the interest of the people. Therefore, the innovations that we see are such that they help customers enjoy placing their bets with these bookmakers. The following are some ways in which the passion of Indians is changing cricket gambling in India.

  • More than ever before, we see the creation of more online casinos to meet the enormous demand.
  • More mobile casinos allow players to bet with ease.
  • Casinos now offer incentives in the form of bonuses and better odds to their players.
  • Casinos like Rummy live casino now have live bet options where players can bet on their games as they watch.
  • The number of payment options across casinos has increased.

How IPL Betting works

Betting on the IPL is straightforward. Like any other gambling game, all you need is to find a reputable casino online where you can play your game. Be sure that the casino of your choice owns a license so that you do not lose your money to fraudsters.

Next, you need to register with that casino that you choose. Usually, registration can take up to 48 hours because the casino would ask for your ID and some details. Casinos do this so they can verify that you own the points you are making your registration with.

Once your registration is confirmed, you can proceed to fund your gambling account. Simply look for the cashier section on the website, find your preferred payment option and proceed to pay.

Now to the central part: placing your bets for cricket. You need to get back to your casino account and locate the cricket section. On some sites, you will find a subsection for IPL, while others just have a long list of all cricket games in the world. Whichever way, find the match you wish to bet on.

On clicking the match, you will see the range of bets that are available to you. Click on the one that suits you from the list of options, choose your stake and click place bet. With that, you have successfully placed your bet on the IPL.

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