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| On Updated : Feb 15, 2020 4:07 PM IST

Mohammed Shami slams critics for questioning star bowler’s credentials

Mohammed Shami has come hard at critics questioning Jasprit Bumrah poor form. Bumrah, who has made his comeback earlier this year from an injury, went wicketless in the recently concluded three-match ODI series against New Zealand. Shami dismissed criticism around Bumrah.

“I can understand we are discussing on a topic (after a certain length of time) not just after 2-4 games. Just because he hasn’t performed in two games, you can’t just ignore his ability to win matches,” Shami said after Day 2 of India’s warm-up match against New Zealand XI.

‘How can you even forget?’

Shami almost sounded like a fan, counting all of Bumrah’s achievements.

“What Bumrah has achieved for India, how can you even forget that or for that matter ignore it? So, if you think positively, then it’s good for the player and his confidence also,” said Shami.

Mohammad Shami also emphasised on the process of getting back in the grove after being sidelined for a long time.

“As a sportsman, it’s very different. From outside, it is very easy to nit-pick as some have a job to comment and earn money. Every sportsman can get injured and one should try and look at the positives rather than harp on negatives. I also got injured in 2015 (knee surgery) but then bounced back,” added India speedster.