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Nostragamus Table Tennis | Kolesnik P vs Kubrak S | Chaplyanka A vs Kostuk B

Kolesnik Petro will be taking on Kubrak S  in the upcoming fixture of the TT Cup. Petro belongs from the City of Kharkiv and was born in the year 1964. Petro has been a part of 26 match day fixture  in 2020 and his ratio of games in the leagues of athletes is 42:54/677:753. In his most recent game versus Solovei, Kolesnik Petro registered a win by the count of 3:1. Talking about By party, Kolesnik’s record was 14:12, 9:11, 11:7 and 11:8. Prior to this game, Kolesnik Petro had to endure back to back defeats versus Volokhob and Kuznetsov.

As for Kubrak Serhii, the veteran Table Tennis player is from the City of Poltava and was born in 1972. The ratio of games in the league of athletes for Serhii is 61:48/873:1032. In the year 2020 Kubrak Serhii has been a part of 25 match day fixtures. In his last two games Kurbak has been on the receiving end of a defeat and a win. Kubral’s first game was to Puhach which he lost by the count of 2:3. By party it was through a margin of 11:7,11:7,7:11,10:12 and 8:11

But Kubrak Serhii soon followed it up by a win through a count of 1:3 agaisnt Derevinskyi. By party Kubrak won through 8:11, 9:11, 12:10 and 4:11.

For Game number 2, it will be Chapilanka Anatolli who takes on Kostiuk. Talking about Chaplianka, he comes from the City of Poltava. Chaplianka Anatolli is 31 years of age with a ratio of games in the league of athletes by 42:26/869:745. Anatolli has featured in 20 matchday fixtures in 2020. In his two most recent games, versus Baistrichenko and Kinash, Chaplianka registered back to back wins by a count of 1:3 and 0:3 respectively. Against Baistrichenko, Chaplianka’s scores by party were 8:11, 11:13,11:5 and 7:11.

The68-year-old Kostiuk Borys on the other end has a ratio of games in the league of athletes by 34:56/742:1030. Borys has featured in 30 match day fixtures this year. Earlier today Kostiuk started off win a win against Kolos by 0:3. By party Kostiuk won through 8:11, 10:12, 10:12. However, in the most recent game Kostiuk has to face defeat to Baistrichenko by count 3:1. The score by party was 11:9, 7:11, 11:7, 11:5.

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