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Sangakara names batsman who has the opportunity to become the greatest after Don Bradman

By Midhun M Menon

Indian captain Virat Kohli is undoubtedly one of the living legends of the game. His white-ball records are almost unmatchable. He right now stands just behind Sachin Tendulkar in terms of ODI centuries. Speaking in his latest interview, former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara mentioned that Virat has the potential to be the greatest after Don Bradman.

Sangakara praise Virat Kohli’s fitness

Virat Kohli’s fitness level is on a different level. None of his contemporaries comes closer to him in terms of his fitness and overall records. Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara mentioned that he is both mentally and physically fit and is an inspiration for many budding cricketers around the world.

“He’s phenomenally fit. I know and I have seen and heard of his amazing commitment and dedication to being the best that he can be, both on and off the field – physically, mentally and skill wise. He is a rare breed of a cricketer and he is an inspirational one, one of the best that I have watched in my life across every format,” said Sangakkara.

“What I like about Virat the most is his passion, his personality and the fact that he is not scared to have his emotions visible on the field, whether he is captaining a side or whether he is just fighting a lone battle, trying to get India to victory. And the fact that he is an old-fashioned cricketer, not a lot of high fancy shots – just old-fashioned cricketing strokes but deadly effective and incredibly consistent” added Sangakara.

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Virat Kohli can become the next great after Bradman

Sangakkara went on to praise Kohli for his passion for the game and his never say die attitude. He even made a bold statement that Virat has the potential to be the next greatest cricketer after Sir Don Bradman. Bradman averaged just below 100 when he hung his boots. Virat Kohli who averages over 50 in all three formats and who has an even better average while chasing would very well end up being the next greatest after Bradman.

“There’s nothing to dislike about Virat. He’s someone I admire hugely and (he’s) already a great of the game. He has the opportunity to become maybe the greatest after the Don (Don Bradman),” the former Sri Lankan captain added.

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Sangakara praises Rohit Sharma

Sangakkara went on to praise Virat Kohli’s vice-captain Rohit Sharma and added that his batting made him jealous. Rohit is someone who makes batting look easy. Sangakkara during his playing days had this similar graceful approach to batting.

“Rohit Sharma, he’s another wonderful cricketer. I love watching Rohit bat. He makes me jealous because I wish I could have that languid kind of approach and that kind of almost zero effort in batting. He’s so graceful, so poised and balanced, and a wonderful captain for Mumbai Indians as well,” said Sangakkara in the RK Show.

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